10+ fabulous finds for $5 or less

Get these problem solving multitaskers for $5 or less!  (Photo: Amazon)

Get these problem solving multitaskers for $5 or less! (Photo: Amazon)

People often get nostalgic for the good old days when $5 cost a lot. Well, guess what… it still might on Amazon! You just have to know where to look. Hint, try here. Better yet, get started with our favorite finds for $5 or less below. For just a few bucks, you can keep a hero in your pocket (this 18-in-1 multi-tool) as well as a mini therapist (an adult fidget). Heck, why not throw a physio (this massage ball) in your bag while you’re at it. Happy shopping!

quick overview

  • Improve your spy game

    Kikkerland 4 in 1 pen tool

  • relieve stress

    Restless Infinity Cube toy

  • Tighten your waist

    Stainless Steel Cinch Clips, Pack of 4

  • primp on time

    Louise Maelys foldable mini pocket hair comb with mirror

  • Keep a hero in your pocket

    Snowflake Multi-Tool 18 in 1

  • roll the pain

    Gaiam Restore Ultimate foot massage roller

  • wipe the dust

    blind cleaning brush

  • place your cell phone

    portable cell phone holder

  • Scrub-a-dub-dub

    Exfoliating Bath Towel, 5 pieces

  • Eat like a pro

    Original Fred Toucan Munchtime chopsticks

  • Cut, cut…

    Mr Gardening Scissors Pen, 6.5 inch

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Calling all MacGyvers and 007s: this pen works (er, quadruples?) as a screwdriver, ruler, and level, keeping you ready for anything. We think it’s a pretty cool gadget for just $5, and around 2,500 Amazon five-star reviewers agree with that.

$5 on Amazon

“Brings out the nerd in me,” wrote one five-star fan.


Unfold it, spin the spinners, press the buttons and unroll. This little cube is loved by kids and adults alike – with nearly 6,700 of them giving it a perfect five-star rating! Only $4 but priceless.

$4 on Amazon

One appreciative buyer shared, “It helps me focus… especially during zoom meetings or phone calls. I LOVE it! It makes a little noise, but I also turn it over with one hand. If I can’t find it, I’ll look until I can. It’s so good for stress and helping with focus. I use it so much I started using the cube stickers. Never mind, it still works great for me!”


Turn that oversized t-shirt into something that shows off your hourglass figure, tuck in your cardigan, keep those gloves handy in the winter… these clips have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. Oh yes, gather your mango.

$5 on Amazon

One grateful parent wrote: “My daughter is so skinny and tall that even the leggings don’t fit her right. Any pants that go down to my ankles are too loose in the waist. I started wearing them to help keep the pants up. very durable and the clasps work great. These are a total lifesaver.”

Louise Maelys

This fold-anywhere brush/mirror combo will keep you looking your best all day long. When closed, it’s just 3.5 inches – it fits in the palm of your hand.

$5 on Amazon

“When planning a multi-day backpacking trip, every ounce counts and it’s best to find items that serve dual purposes,” wrote one five-star fan. “…great for regular travel, or maybe even to slip into a gym bag, car console, purse, or desk drawer for quick storage throughout the day.”


This little gadget serves many purposes: opening bottles, tightening screws, fixing bicycles, opening boxes and much, much more.

$5 on Amazon

“One of the most useful tools I’ve seen,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Replaces a multitude of tools with just one. It’s made of sturdy metal that should last for years. Great gadget to have and doesn’t take up much space. Easy to carry and keep handy.


Designed to release tension, this bulging ball can be used on the feet, shoulders, hips or wherever you feel tense or stuck.

$4 on Amazon

One of over 1,200 five-star reviewers raved, “Small, sturdy, great feel! This ball really helps me after work to improve my plantar fasciitis. I’ve tried so many things to work the area and this one has been the best so far.”


Take the tedium out of cleaning blinds with this handy little gadget. Cleans six blinds at once!

$6 on Amazon

A “must have” said this fan: “Awesome. Keeps my fingers from getting cut by the slats.”


This small phone holder makes it easy to handle your devices at lunch, at work, on the plane or anywhere. You’ll also get three of these foldable babies, so when someone raves about your awesome new phone stand, you can gift them one right out of your pocket.

$5 on Amazon

“Have one at home, one at the office, and one in my backpack in case I have an impromptu Zoom call on my phone,” wrote one satisfied reviewer. “Simple yet highly necessary tool for organizing your workspace.”

belle jiu

For super soft skin, try these washable and reusable exfoliating pads. They glide over your fingers and lift away dull skin. (Works best after a good soak.)

$5 on Amazon

“Shed your skin like a snake,” wrote one five-star fan. “Heck, I didn’t realize how much dead skin I’d been carrying around all these years! … I tend to take 20-minute hot showers anyway, so I just rubbed this in at the end of my regular shower and it worked perfectly. Quick tip: If you have to shave something, use these cloths to exfoliate first… and you’ll be amazed at how close the shave is! If you REALLY want to feel like a baby seal, exfoliate, shave, exfoliate, shave again ( It takes a while but it’s worth it!”

real fred

Toucan can do anything with these chopsticks for beginners: eat sushi, make the brothers jealous, fix your bra (see below – you name it.) More than 4,400 reviewers have given them five stars.

$5 on Amazon

“I love this thing,” raved one fan. “It’s absolutely adorable and my little brother and sister were jealous. However, I’ve discovered an alternative use for them. You can dip it bird tip first with mouth open in a bag of mini M&Ms and feed yourself like a little bird. Use this information as you wish.”

Another alternate use: “Great for attaching bras with removable pads. … Just wrap the pad around the ends of the chopsticks, guide the chopsticks into the little hole in the pad, then let go. Ta-da, your bra pads are back with much less frustration!

Mr. pen

Delicate pruning and pruning tasks require delicate shears. Buyers say this stainless steel pair is a cut above.

$5 on Amazon

One of more than 3,100 five-star fans wrote, “I love the size and sturdiness of these plant clippers. … I also love the safety lock feature.”

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