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In addition to changes in plant color, autumn brings climate variations that are harmful to health — Photo: Wirestock/Freepik

On date March 20starts the autumnal equinoxperiod marked by the orange coloration in the vegetation, the end of the longest days and shortest nights of summer, in addition to an increasingly mild temperature, as winter approaches. 🍁🧡

With the new season, several climate changes occur, directly affecting the health of the population, as the air gets drier with the onset of the dry season, contributing to the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and, consequently, allergies and flu-like illnesses. 😷

Beware of habits

Dry weather in the dry season contributes to allergies and respiratory diseases in the fall — Photo: Unsplash

The pulmonologist, Gilmar Zonzoinforms the necessary precautions to protect yourself from these threats that accompany the arrival of autumn.

“The use of clothes and blankets often carry molds and mites that are stimulants of allergies in our respiratory system. So these elements can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people more often than it happens in summer.where lighter clothes are used.”, reported the doctor

Pieces of clothing stored for a long time can cause allergies, informed the pulmonologist — Photo: Freepik

Gilmar reinforces that the habits of the population contribute to the propensity for respiratory diseases with the approach of cold weather, as the use of coats and blankets increases, which carry mites and bacteria. That’s why, the pulmonologist reinforces some important habits to protect against possible allergies and respiratory diseases with the arrival of autumn:

  • Avoid using clothes and blankets that have been stored for a long time
  • Wash these parts before using
  • Put everything out to dry in the sun
  • Leave the windows open to air the room.
  • Eat healthy
  • drink plenty of water
  • Establish a proper sleep routine (8 hours on average)
  • Practicing physical activity regularly
  • Avoid crowds when possible
  • Take all necessary vaccinations at this time

So even with this care, we have an increase in the prevalence of respiratory diseases at this time of the year and the emergency rooms roughly reflect this, with a large increase in demand for care due to respiratory disease. Viruses are primarily responsible for the onset of diseases, but they can be complicated by various bacterial infections..”, added the pulmonologist.

The “fruit season” in Brazil 🍊

Doctor points out that healthy habits directly contribute to the protection of flu diseases — Photo: Drazen Zigic/Freepik

The beginning of this new season also brings some positive points. In Brazil, autumn is considered the fruit season., since the end of summer also coincides with the ripening period of the fruits of several species of Brazilian trees. 🍎

“People who eat well, keep the environment ventilated and with sunlight, get good hours of sleep and practice physical activities regularly, have a better health condition and are able to resist more attacks of infectious and contagious nature,” informed the doctor.

The Ministry of Health’s vaccination schedule against the influenza virus begins in the fall — Photo: isengrapher/Unsplash

The doctor also pointed out that this care goes beyond allergies and flu, as these problems can trigger larger and more serious illnesses: “There is a much greater tendency for infectious complications of the type pneumonia and cardiovascular complications such as acute myocardial infarctionwho develop influenza-like virus, which is the actual flu virus […]”. 🤧

Actions aimed at combating Covid-19 by the Ministry of Health, started on February 27. Although, the influenza virus vaccination schedule is scheduled to begin in the month of april, which is always held before the arrival of winter, in order to avoid the spread of respiratory diseases with low temperatures. 💉

“[…] so getting vaccinated is something of great importance which should not be missed and which falls exactly during this period of the year, when the vaccination campaign begins, and people should not leave this type of protection aside under any circumstances.”, finished Gilmar.

Protect yourself and protect who you love, vaccinate yourself! 🧡

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