Cell phone use in the toilet has increased the rate of hemorrhoids in the population

Posted on 3/17/2023 10:43 PM / Updated on 3/17/2023 10:43 PM

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Cell phone use while “on the throne” has become a common habit. For decades, people have taken objects to the bathroom to help them pass the time while their physiological needs are done. Before the spread of technology, magazines, newspapers and books were easily found in bathrooms, but with digitization, phones have become faithful companions when sitting on the porcelain throne. However, this custom can bring a setback.

A study published in the National Library of Medicine, conducted by Yuzuncu Yl University in Turkey, studied the relationship between hemorrhoids and the use of smartphones in the bathroom. Based on clinical observations, study investigators found that the habit can lead to the development of hemorrhoids and stomach aches.

According to the researchers, cell phone use in the toilet increases the time spent in the toilet, leads to increased pressure in the anal area and straining during defecation. With this, they found that “an increase in hemorrhoidal disease is to be expected in modern society”. “People today prefer a more sedentary lifestyle and participate in a diet low in fiber, rich in foods high in calories and fat comparison with previous generations. Furthermore, smartphones have invaded almost every aspect of everyday life.”

To arrive at this conclusion, approximately 100 patients with and without hemorrhoids, aged between 16 and 65 years, were analyzed for seven months. According to scholars, people who usually take their cell phones to the bathroom end up continuing to force themselves to evacuate even when it is no longer necessary, which dilates the blood vessels of the rectum veins, leading to the emergence of hemorrhoids.

In addition, taking the cell phone to the bathroom can lead to contamination of the device with fecal coliforms and contribute to the proliferation of bacteria, since, even if you wash your hands correctly, the device will not be washed and will continue to be infected.

Be aware of the symptoms

Hemorrhoids are veins around the anus or rectum that become inflamed or swollen. They can be external or internal. When external, they look like varicose veins or blood pellets and are visible at the edge of the anus. The internal ones are not apparent, they are above the anal sphincter and cause more acute symptoms.

Symptoms involve itching, which is caused by swelling of the veins, which increases tension on nerve endings; bleeding from ruptured anal veins, this may be watery blood or noticeable bloodstains on underwear or toilet paper; pain or burning during or after a bowel movement; and palpable bulge in the anus.

Treatment can range from oral and topical medication to surgery. To arrive at the diagnosis and determine the best way to treat it, you need to look for a doctor.

To prevent the appearance of hemorrhoids, there are some measures that can be taken, including avoiding the use of cell phones in the bathroom. A healthy diet based on fiber-rich foods and fresh fruit, adequate fluid intake and physical activity can also help prevent the disease. “Remember: the bathroom is not a library. Stay seated on the toilet only as long as necessary to have a bowel movement. If you can’t do it right now, try later. Try to relax. Too much effort will affect veins that may already be weakened”, emphasizes the website of the Ministry of Health.

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