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Immunization continues to be applied to those over 60 and immunosuppressed over 12 years

As of this Monday (20), pregnant and puerperal women can take the bivalent vaccine against the coronavirus in São Gonçalo. Immunizer also continues to be applied to all Gonçalenses over 60 years old and immunosuppressed over 12 years old. For other publics with the monovalent vaccine, vaccination happens normally.

There are different vaccination sites for each age group during the week, always from 8am to 5pm. On Saturdays, immunization takes place for everyone at the Gonçalense do Mutondo and Dr Family clinics. Zerbini, at the Arsenal, from 8am to 12pm.

The elderly over 60 years of age, people living in long-stay institutions (ILPIs) and their workers, and immunocompromised people over 12 years of age are eligible for this third phase of bivalent vaccination. The bivalent vaccine has updated strains against the coronavirus, including protection against the Omicron variant.

For the application of the bivalent vaccine, people in the eligible priority groups must have the primary vaccination schedule against the coronavirus (at least two doses of the previous monovalent vaccines applied) and have more than 4 months of interval from the last dose.

For the rest of Gonçalenses with more than six months of life, all doses of monovalent vaccines are available. In order for vaccination to be guaranteed, Gonçalenses must arrive half an hour before the forecast closure of the units on all working days.

Bivalent documentation – Personal identification and proof of previous vaccinations. Ilpis workers who prefer to get vaccinated at health centers must also register with the council or have an employment relationship with the ILPI (it can be a statement from the institution itself). The immunosuppressed must also present a supporting report or a prescription for continuous use with a maximum of six months.

Bedridden – Those responsible should send an email to: to request vaccination at home with the following information: name, address, comorbidity or permanent disability, reason for being bedridden, age and contact telephone number.

Lchild vaccination sites – from 6 months to 4 years to 11 years, 11 months and 29 days

1 – Clínica Gonçalense do Mutondo

2 – Hélio Cruz Health Center, Alcântara

3 – Jorge Teixeira de Lima Health Center, Jardim Catarina

4 – Paulo Marques Rangel Health Center, Porto do Rosa

5 – Sanitary Center Washington Luiz Lopes, Zé Garoto

6 – Rio do Ouro Sanitary Pole

7 – Municipal Family Clinic Dr. Zerbini, Arsenal

Vaccination sites for Gonçalenses over 5 years old

1 – Paulo Marques Rangel Health Center, Porto do Rosa

2 – USF Floriano Barbosa, Pita

3 – USF Alexandre Fleming, Boaçu

4 – USF Alberto Constantino Farah, Mutuá

5 – USF Mahatma Gandhi, Jardim California

6 – USF David Capistrano, Recanto das Acacias

7 – USF Robert Koch, Porto da Madama

8 – Sanitary Center Washington Luiz Lopes, Zé Garoto

9 – PAM Neves

10 – Clínica Gonçalense do Barro Vermelho

11 – Clínica Gonçalense do Mutondo

12 – USF Badger Silveira, Tribobó

13 – USF Juarez Antunes, Boa Vista do Laranjal

14 – Hélio Cruz Health Center, Alcântara

15 – USF Mutuaguaçu

16 – Rio do Ouro Sanitary Center

17 – USF Santa Izabel

18 – Municipal Family Clinic Dr. Zerbini, Arsenal

19 – Jorge Teixeira de Lima Health Center, Jardim Catarina

20 – USF José Avelino de Souza, Tribobó

21 – PAM Coelho

22 – USF Sister Dulce, Trindade

23 – USF Josyandra Moura Mesquita, Colubandê

24 – USF Oswaldo Cruz, Amendoeira

25 – USF Waldemar Costa Nunes, Jardim Miriambi

26 – USF Agenor José da Silva, Jardim Catarina

27 – USF Jardim Catarina I

28 – USF Santa Luzia

29 – USF João Goulart, Jardim Catarina

30 – USF Elza Borges, Santa Luzia

31 – USF Ary Teixeira, Jardim Bom Retiro

32 – USF José Jorge Cortes Freitas, Santa Isabel

33 – USF Aníbal Porto, Monjolos

34 – USF Geremias de Mattos Fontes, Jardim Bom Retiro

35 – USF Roberto Silveira, Jardim Bom Retiro

36 – USF Luiz Paulo Guimarães, Laranjal

37 – USF Quinta Dom Ricardo

38 – USF Wally Figueiras da Silva, Rocha

39 – USF Zé Garoto

40 – USF Almerinda

41 – UBS Dr. Haroldo Pereira Nunes, Shrimp

42 – USF Emílio Ribas, Barracão

43 – USF Manoel de Abreu, Ipiíba

44 – USF Hiparco Ferreira, Engenho do Roçado

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