how to recover deleted messages and conversations

Among the many functions that WhatsApp offers, the ability to erase messages before the other persona lea fue muy bien recibida. Esto no solo allows to resolve that error that we had at the time of writing, bell also, bigger mistakes, like when we got the receiver wrong and wrote in another conversation or we regret something we said after being angry, after 20 minutes.

However, not many know that there are certain ways to retrieve these messages that were removed, both if we went to the ones we sent them, and if we received the indicative: ‘this message was deleted’. And then yes, before knowing how to recover them, there is a need to understand that, if the other person decided to remove them, maybe you shouldn’t read them to avoid disgust.


Yes, it is clear that only some messages that were erased in concrete circumstances can only be recovered, and not always completely, one of the most effective ways is through backup. For this, the first thing is that the copy of the diary is enabled and proceed to uninstall and reinstall the application. Then, we will give the option to recover the messages from the last backup and we will return to appear on our screen all those sent and received before they were removed.

Please note that all messages sent and received after this last backup will not be reflected.. Furthermore, the multimedia content of the messages will not always be saved and, in most cases, will be lost if it does not stay in the phone’s gallery. The best thing is that it is an available option for both Android and iPhone.

Can you recover deleted messages on WhatsApp?

Can you recover deleted messages on WhatsApp?

notification history

On Android, there is a possibility to recover messages that have been removed, as long as hayas receives it via a notification (and is not active in the conversation). The method, which works exclusively on some furniture, is based on a ‘Settings’ app widget that we will go to the screen menu. When we find an uncomplicated feature that offers a new menu where you have to select the option ‘Notification Log’ and configure it.

this widget complete the area of ​​​​a direct access that has its own icon on the desktop, there you will see the record of received notifications, in this step press on the WhatsApp notification you want to read and will show you the content where the same one has been deleted. Aunque you will see several things written, to read the content of a notification that must be fixed in android.text.

whatsapp web

To view deleted messages on WhatsApp Web, Ideally, you should use this application on your computer regularly. Regardless of whether we browse from iPhone or Android, We will tend to download and install on our computer or install the WA Web Plus extension for WhatsApp. Once installed, we will choose the option ‘Restore deleted messages’ (Restore deleted messages) from its configuration menu and, from then on, we will have the possibility to recover the messages that have been deleted in the chats.

recover deleted messages on WhatsApp

recover deleted messages on WhatsApp

Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

third-party applications

Lastly, there is an option to recover deleted messages using one of the apps available in stores for this purpose. WAMR – Recovers blurred messages, WhatsRemoved are just some of the many that exist and its process is similar. Once installed, we must choose the application from which we want to recover the messages, enable the relevant permissions from then on, the application will keep saving the conversations. However, as with notification history, there is a text limitation of 100 characters per message.

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