How to remove wrinkles and sagging? Dermatologist explains how skin aging works

Skin aging is related to several factors, such as genetics and sun exposure.

The search for beautiful and healthy skin is a constant concern for many people. However, skin aging is natural and influenced by several factorsas the dermatologist explains Naiana Sa. In addition to telling how this body process works, the specialist gives tips on how to remove wrinkles and sagging. Check out!

Over the years, it is natural for the skin to undergo changes that result in loss of firmness and non-evolution of wrinkles. The dermatologist says the process is influenced by several factorsas:

  • genetics
  • Lifestyle
  • eating habits
  • practice of physical exercises
  • sun exposure

Depending on genetics and lifestyle, for example, it is estimated that the skin’s normal regulatory functions can decline by 50% by middle age. Excessive sun exposure, alcohol abuse and the habit of smoking are some of the factors that “accelerate” this process, causing premature aging. In addition, increased body weight and blood sugar levels also contribute to the skin aging before its time.


There are also questions involved in the aging process. “Over the years, our skin starts to lose collagen and elastintwo fundamental proteins for its support and elasticity”, explains the specialist.

Collagen is a fibrous protein that gives the skin its firmness, while elastin provides its ability to bounce back after being stretched. With the reduction of this protein, the skin becomes less elastic, causing sagging and wrinkles.


Naiana Sá emphasizes that there is no cream in the world that can treat sagging or fill in wrinkles, but, fortunately, technological advances have allowed the evolution of procedures to combat the signs of aging.

An example of this are the ultrasound equipment that uses focused micro and macro waves to stimulate collagen production and remodel the skin, quickly and painlessly. The high temperatures reach from the lowest layers of the skin to the deepest, thus promoting collagen production and remodeling at different depths.

“Some of this new equipment promotes around 400 clotting points that stimulate the production of collagen with each shot, an index much higher than the 25 points of the equipment described”, highlights the doctor.

The expert highlighted the importance of stimulating collagen to delay skin aging: “Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin firm and healthy. Stimulating its production is essential to prevent sagging and increase wrinkles.”

In addition to ultrasound technologies, other procedures also stand out in combating the signs of aging, such as fractional laserthat promotes cell renewal, and the fillersthat restore lost volume in the skin.

However, Naiana Sá warns: “It is essential that these procedures are performed by familiar professionals and in trusted clinics, to ensure safe and effective results”.

One specialist points out that technology has played a crucial role in the advancement of dermatological treatments, providing increasingly safe and efficient options to combat sagging and aging skin. “With proper follow-up by a dermatologist, it is possible to slow down the effects of time and maintain healthy, radiant skin for longer,” he points out.

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