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When you’re on vacation, the last thing you should do is worry about your valuables and personal belongings being stolen. After all, the point of booking a getaway is to de-stress! That said, tourists are often seen as easy targets and it’s always good to travel with caution. For me, that means bringing a super secure bag — and my current favourite? This highly affordable, chic-looking Pincnel Anti-Theft Backpack, which recently wowed me on a multi-week trip to Europe. Keep scrolling to see why I, like many Amazon shoppers, think it’s worth a five-star review.


I’m in good company – over 15,000 Amazon shoppers love this backpack, including flight attendants!

$30 on Amazon

Thieves, you’ve met your match

At first glance, it might look like an ordinary backpack. But look a little closer and you’ll notice that its main compartment opens from the side that goes against your back, making it nearly impossible for a thief to gain access while you’re wearing it. Now I’m starting to wonder why all bags aren’t designed with this zipper placement. I mean, sure, it takes a little more effort to retrieve something from inside, but I’ll take a slight nuisance for it being stolen any day!

take abroad

I went to Italy on my honeymoon last year, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I haven’t left the hotel without my Anti-Theft Brushnel Backpack not once. In fact, apart from my suitcase, it was the only suitcase I brought with me! It comes in eight colors and styles. I opted for the classic faux leather version with black pebbles because I thought it would look great with shorts and jeans during the day and breezy skirts and dresses at night. (I had nothing super planned fantasy, although I did bring it to an impromptu dinner at Gucci in Florence and no one seemed to care!)

I also knew we’d be walking a lot – I’m talking tens of thousands of steps a day – so I appreciated the fact that the weight of what I was carrying would be distributed evenly. No more switching a heavy bag from one arm to the other every 10 minutes! However, it does come with a detachable strap in case you prefer to carry it over your shoulder. Oh, and did I mention it’s water resistant in case the weather isn’t on your side? It rained on one day of our trip, and the Pincnel was completely unfazed and kept everything dry inside.

the verdict

In short, this backpack delivered on all its promises and more. I always felt at ease knowing that its contents were well secured against my back and that I would have to remove my backpack to access it. I was also pleasantly surprised to find it fit a ton! Its roomy main compartment held my wallet, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, snacks, bug spray, and umbrella, with plenty of room to spare to store souvenirs along the way. Besides, it doesn’t have one, but two water bottle holders built into the sides – a lifesaver when climbing countless stairs on the Amalfi Coast in August!

the anti-theft backpack closed and opened to show how many things fit inside

This anti-theft backpack fits a ton and you can only open it by taking it out — travel safe! (Photo: Britt Ross/Yahoo)

What reviewers are saying

Since the Pincnel Anti-Theft Backpack has amassed over 15,000 perfect five-star ratings, I’m far from its only fan. Here’s what some Amazon jetsetters are saying:

One happy reviewer, who took it on a trip to London and Paris, wrote: “This was the only bag I used all week to travel. It was perfect. It always fit everything I needed… Main area was covered when I had it on my back so it felt very secure. But the side zip pockets on the front were super convenient for things like baby wipes, tissue, lip balm, etc. Very roomy. Loved the design and feel comfort. “

“I’ve always been a fan of bags that resemble backpacks because they’re better for the back, creating symmetry and balance,” wrote one comfort-conscious customer. “While looking for a stylish bag, I came across this beauty and knew I had to have it. It’s the perfect bag – beautiful, light, secure, with side pockets big enough for a water bottle. So much stuff fits in here and I don’t I could be happier!”

One satisfied buyer also noted that it was “perfect as a personal bag on airplanes.” And finally, who better to ask about travel products than flight attendants? This one called “perfect for travel!” adding, “I love wearing stylish backpacks to travel (I love having my hands free), but I’m always worried about easy access for scammers. It alleviates all my fears. I’m a flight attendant, so fashion and safety are equally important to my. “


This stylish travel essential comes in eight colors/patterns and two sizes – whichever you choose, you’ll be traveling in style.

$27 on Amazon

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