Without being able to lower inflation, the Government raises the slogan of “organization” right away in the election season

Painted by Sergio Massa on Av. Lugones – Credits: @Fabián Marelli

The Government fails to show that it is capable of lowering inflation and hardly achieve a significant change in the next four months, when the pre-electoral period enters, the candidacies are defined and the voting intentions in the polls begin to consolidate. This diagnosis is accepted both at Casa Rosada and at Palacio de Hacienda, where it is recognized that Sergio Massa’s famous promise of “less than four points of inflation for April” will be unfulfilled. Cerca del Minister of Economy began to change the narrative: what it has to offer, from now on, is “an ordering and stabilization of the economy”.

“Inflation is not the number we would have, but we also have to count the agreement with the IMF for the reserve target, the debt canje in pesos and the political order behind Sergio, because nobody questions it in officialdom ” , considered a very close collaborator of the minister this week, so what is the index of fever inflation at 6.6%.

Although there is an effort to safeguard the assets of his administration, Cerca de Massa recognizes that he will have to demonstrate action to combat the price spike if he wants to sustain an electoral expectation. Sources from the Ministry of Economy confirmed the THE NATION that the minister “is working on measures with his economic team” and that “it is not going to fall with crossed arms”. The announcements, which could arrive in the next few weeks, in the sectorial type series (how to come), macroeconomic bell: his interlocutors to define the package are the Secretary of Economic Policy, Gabriel Rubinstein; the head of Advisors, Leonardo Madcur and the Finance Secretary, Eduardo Setti.

Sergio Massa and his economical equipment

Sergio Massa and his economical equipment

“However, there are some letters left to fight the inflation issue, I would not rule out ready measures”, This week it ensured the functioning of the Massa team that closely monitors its movements. The message conveys that the battle will continue, but I recognize that the tricks are ending, eight months after the tigress landed in the cargo.

If in the Palacio de Hacienda they try to show solvency, in the Casa Rosada some come in the scenario with greater concern. “You can have new letters, but it is clear that less and less. Today more than inflation, the problem is the next one, that starts to generate a drop in economic activity. The situation is compleja,” said a senior official who worked near Fernández.

Lifeguards and doubts

The question that began to be analyzed at the political tables of officialdom in the last Consumer Price Index (CPI) is If, at this rate, Massa stands as an option to rise as the space candidate. The Tigre native continues to say that he will not play once the libretto has changed: instead of appealing to the family issue, he says that “it is incompatible” to run for president and be Minister of Economy.

but for nadie passed unnoticed the discursive pirouettes that i did kirchnerism in the last few days to save al tigrense of the furious criticisms of the agreement with the IMF and the merma of the purchasing power of wages. Massa receives daily reports linked to prices: he, the inflation index did not surprise him and everything indicates that the number was also new for the President and for Cristina Kirchner. With ellos the minister reports regularly, to maintain political support for his administration.

For now, the success: the vice president asked to renegotiate the agreement with the IMF, but he did not paint the charges against Massa in his last public appearance in Viedma. La Campora made a statement in which he chastised Fernández and Kristalina Georgieva for the agreement signed at the time of Martín Guzmán, but then went on to clarify that “no fue contra Sergio”.

The vice-president at the National University of Río Negro, in Viedma

The vice president at the National University of Río Negro, in Viedma – Credits: @Juan Macri

“The epic with pragmatism of La Campora is showy. Put the hit with the IMF, but take a life saver for Massa. Above they complained about the enactment of the provisional moratorium when it was already enacted”, an important employee of Balcarce 50.

A close contributor to Massa noted: “Play who you play in the selections, all have as a condition that Sergio will go well”.

Facing the electoral stage, the other doubt that prevails over officialdom is How will there be a campaign with the restrictions on spending that I imposed on the Fund in the last renegotiation. The Government is already in charge of declaring that the agreement “is not static but dynamic”. It is said that it could renegotiate again to adjust the fiscal targets.

Cerca de Massa guarantees that, under current conditions, “it is not the idea to promote a plata plan” in the way of proselytism. Y Machacan: “Economic order with an inflation index that I don’t like but with measures to alleviate it”.

El slogan, that seeks to add value to the management of the tiger, is what you must digest and similar to what the official rest and finally enthrones him with the leader of the Frente Renovadora as a space candidate.

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